Sunday, 2 March 2014


                                                         Bones And  Chunks               

 Hey Chocos, How are you doing?Woke up this morning feeling like summer, the sun was shining directly at me. All I thought was colours, colours!!! Then I opened my window, guess what? It was freaking cold, huh?! tah!This weather can be pretty deceptive. Last week it was all about colours. You know why? We went on a school trip with the kids to the museum to learn about Chinese history. It was amazing! We learnt about the about the Dragons and the villagers, teas and Chinese new year. We saw all kinds of mask and traditional silk outfits. The whole environment was so colorful, must say, Chinese culture is very rich and beautiful, one of the best culture I have ever seen. Now i wanna visit China, so all my Chinese friends should get ready to RUMBLE! Still thinking about colors, I went for my lovely bone tights from houseofholland to spice up my birgen chunky oversized Ugly sweater borrowed from men's wardrobe. My rings from Big metal uk, if you are a lover of multiple rings you should visit big metal website. Sunglasses is from Pull&bear purchased at Asos. My boots are Converse these trainers are super swag, love the texture and the metallic look, Must agree with converse quotes which reads ''Shoes are boring wear sneakers'' at this point I feel my heels are becoming so boring. This week Thursday/Friday is going to be my giveaway, I will be giving out a designer skater skirt suit, it's going to be flawless, so stay tuned. Have a lovely Sunday evening *wink*


                                          Welcome to my world if you are a teaholic like me.
                                                      That's my boring tea area. *wink*